March 19, 2007

Parenting with Dignity - a Gift That Keeps On Giving

Every Gift Helps!
Some Gifts Are Very Special!

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on this site about a three climbers who were lost on Mount Hood up in the state of Oregon. Two of those men from Dallas had stepped up in a big way to offer support to Parenting with Dignity. First they held a gala open house at the Performance Playground, a Dallas area fitness center owned by Freddie Stephenson, a man committed to his community. Performance Playground is where Brian Hall, one of the lost climbers worked. At this gala, these generous and giving men raised over three thousand dollars in donations for PwD! They had invited many guests and members of their great workout facility to attend the evening event.

Artwork Used To Raise Money

Also, that evening, on the walls of the Performance Playhouse, they began to display the artwork created by a gifted artist named Karen James. I met her that evening along with her husband Kelly James, one of the men to later go missing on Mt. Hood. The "kicker" added to this beautiful display of artwork was that Karen's artwork was also offered for sale!

Anyone who purchased one of Karen’s paintings would do so knowing that the James family would donate a portion of the purchase price to Parenting with Dignity! On that evening I was also fortunate enough to get to know both Karen and her husband Kelly.

Tragedy Did Not Alter Family's Generous Commitment!

Now, when the tragedy took place on Mt. Hood and both Brian Hall and Kelly James, Karen’s husband, were lost, I was shocked to hear the news. Those men were so positive, so full of life and energy, so enthusiastic about mountain climbing, and so committed to their community! I was devastated to hear that these new acquaintances, these vital young men who had sought out Parenting with Dignity as a cause they believed in, were no longer with us.

A Touching Letter

Then, just this week, we received and amazing letter sent by the artist, Karen James, the wife of fallen climber Kelly James. She wrote that her family has been devastated at the loss of her husband and the father to their children. Their family is also devastated by the loss of dear friend Brian Hall. She shared that the loss of those men has been so difficult to accept, and I must say that having only met them recently, I cannot imagine what the loss would be like for her and the rest of her family.

Then in her wonderful letter she said, “We are determined to go on and to honor their memories! I am happy to send you a donation from the sale of a few of my paintings that recently sold during the art exhibit at the Performance Playhouse.” I was pretty overcome. In the memory of Brian and Kelly, the living members of their “extended family” were continuing the work those men had begun! What a tribute to those men and their memory.

Let me tell you this, when donations come from people in this manner. it certainly does make us mindful of making sure that those dollars work to build a better world for kids!

Thank you Karen and Kelly James, Brian Hall, and Freddie Stephenson and all of our friends at the Performance Playgorund! Your commitment to our cause will inspire us and the families who benefit from your gifts!

Why not join the James Family and donate a few dollars in the name of a friend or loved one. Many families will benefit from your generosity for generations to come. You gift will keep on giving!

Now, if you would like to join us by donating to Parenting with Dignity, we promise we will do our best to make your dollars count in building a better world for kids! Parenting with Dignity is a 501 ( c ) 3 Public Non-Profit so any donation is TAX DEDUCTABLE! Tax time is just around the corner and we can provide you with a tax deductable receipt! We would appreciate having you consider donating any amount. Every bit helps us to do our significant work. To set up a donation please just click on the link below:

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