March 02, 2007

A New Family Resource

News Flash: An Internet Radio Station Meets Family Needs!

How would you like to listen to some Parenting with Dignity tips over a radio station while you are working at your computer? (They are broadcast every day at 10:40 M.S.T.)

How would you like to listen to an upbeat radio station that plays music and programming that the whole family can enjoy?

How would you like to listen to a radio station with programming about lots of interesting topics.

Well, if your aswer was"Yes!" to any or all of those questions, you are in luck!

A New Radio Station!

There is just such a Radio Station with all of that and much more! Please go to: and you will find a great family radio station. Believe me, internet radio is the wave of the future.

The "Big Fish" Radio Station

This radio station is called the Big Fish because it originates in Beautiful Whitefish, Montana; but... it is not just a station for that wonderful small western town. Their appeal is worldwide!

Now I know that if there is a technology that has reached me in our home, it has most likely reached most of you. I have now entered the age of digital music. My computer is now my "Juke Box" and we paly all of our music over our stereo by linking our computer to our stereo. Man, it has brought a whole new enjoyment to our music. Via palylists, online purchasing of digital music, and the new computer-assisted ease of selecting music, we have lots of new music at our fingertips.

Internet Radio
This is where "The Big Fish" radio station comes in. We can now play this great station on our stereo! The broadcast comes in true High Fidelity and Stereo! Wow, what a great thing. We can feel fully confident in having the station on when our grandchildren are visiting because we know Ross and Sue Strauser the owners of the station. They are our neighbors up here in this beautifful part of America and we know that they personnally select all fo the music, news, and programming. It is family radio with a beat!
The "The Big Fish" radio station comes from one of the most beautiful and romantic parts of America up in the wilds of Western Montana! The music is broadcast from one of the last remaining wilderness areas of our nation.
And you can have it in your home!
They have a great Blog as well... subscribe on your browser home page.
Try it you will like it!

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