March 06, 2007

Giving Builds a Better World for Kids!

PWD Is a Gift That Never Quits Giving

Parenting with Dignity makes positive changes in the lives of many families! The program teaches families how to express love for each other and it teaches parents how to teach their values, morals, ethics, and spiritual beliefs to their children. The program teaches children and parents alike how to select the ideas they will choose to rule their world.
PWD Builds Strong Communities

The most significant contribution of Parenting with Dignity is that the program opens the doors to discussions among families about what kind of community they want for their children’s environment! It just makes sense that if families work together as an entire community, they wield amazing positive power in collectively raising their children.
PWD Needs Help!

We here at Parenting with Dignity are proud of our accomplishments in changing families and entire communities but our work simply would not be possible without lots of help. We have been able to do this community-changing work only because we have had some amazing support. We have been able to offer the curriculum to so many families because amazing and wonderfully generous people have stepped up and supported our mission and our vision for children by giving their time, effort, skills, and money.
An Amazingly Generous NFL Quarterback

First and foremost, we must recognize the support and help we have received from our son, Drew and his wife Maura. For those who do not know the background of our Foundation, the whole idea of making Parenting with Dignity a nationwide program that could offer our curriculum to anyone in America was a dream first conceived by Drew. He had been in the NFL for four years, giving his time, his money, his presence to innumerable charitable endeavors. His position as an NFL quarterback had presented him with some unique opportunities to be involved with many charities including the Children’s Miracle Network. But after giving his charitable work much thought, Drew decided that rather than give money to fix some of the ills that face children, he would like to try to solve some of their problems for good.

In giving that idea a lot of thought, he decided he would like to concentrate his efforts by creating a foundation to support the curriculum that his Mother, Barbara, and I had written over our last 19 years of teaching. He believes, as we do, that if parents have more effective parenting tools to use, their children will have fewer problems and many of the “ills” can be avoided.
Seed Money and Much More

Drew donated the seed money to take Parenting with Dignity nationwide and has followed that with generous financial support ever since. Not only has Drew given financial support, but he has given tremendous amounts of personal time and effort to the work we do.

With Drew’s NFL career drawing rapidly to a close, it would be a tragedy if this amazing work were to come to an end simply because a quarterback was no longer able to support it. Drew and Maura will continue to offer some financial support but they will obviously not be able to offer as much funding since Drew’s earning power will be significantly reduced.

While our program moves ever closer to supporting itself, we would be lost without the support of Drew and Maura! That being said, we would also be lost if we did not have the support of many other dedicated and caring people who have given generously to our cause of building a better world for kids! We need more people who are willing to support the work that we do. Please join Drew and Maura and donate to the Parenting with Dignity Program!
Now, if you would like to join us by donating to Parenting with Dignity, we promise we will do our best to make your dollars count in building a better world for kids! Parenting with Dignity is a 501 ( c ) 3 Public Non-Profit so any donation is TAX DEDUCTABLE! Tax time is just around the corner and we can provide you with a tax deductable receipt! We would appreciate having you consider donating any amount. Every bit helps us to do our significant work. To set up a donation please just click on the link below:

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