March 15, 2007

A Mom Steps Up

A Gift in Honor of a Son Serving In Iraq
For over two years we have been receiving a monthly check from an amazing mother named Pam. She is, as she puts it, “just a mom” who found us and liked the work we are doing. She has a son serving in Iraq. As a tribute to him and his service to America, she sends Parenting with Dignity a monthly check.

Pam said she cannot afford to send much but she can afford to donate each month to what she believes in. (Beleive me, her check is generous!) She asks nothing in return other than that we honor her son by doing our work in his name! She says that she wants to do something to insure that her son will return to an America that is stronger than the one he left when he shipped off to war. She feels that Parenting with Dignity will help to build a stronger America!

A Small Gift Become Huge Over Time!

Pam wishes that we not divulge her last name or where she lives. She donates in almost complete anonymity. However, over the past two years, her generous gifts donated in the name of her son have mounted up! Her generosity has been responsible for educating about 5-10 families each month. In two years she has brought joy, peace, love, and communication to a few hundred families. Pam is helping to build a stroger America!

Making Freedom Worth Fighting For!

Boy, that kind of commitment from people like this dedicated Mom certainly does create motivation in us to do the best that we can with her donations. Pam's son is fighting for Freedom overseas and her family is challenging us to make that freedom worth fighting for!

Saying a prayer for Pam's son and all his fellow service men and women is one way to repay those soldiers. Donating to a worthy cause is another tangible way to show our support for our troops! Wow! With people like Pam, a loving mother, supporting our efforts how can we fail?

Why not join Pam and put a few of your dollars to work for a strong America by donating to Parenting with Dignity.

Now, if you would like to join us by donating to Parenting with Dignity, we promise we will do our best to make your dollars count in building a better world for kids! Parenting with Dignity is a 501 ( c ) 3 Public Non-Profit so any donation is TAX DEDUCTABLE! Tax time is just around the corner and we can provide you with a tax deductable receipt! We would appreciate having you consider donating any amount. Every bit helps us to do our significant work. To set up a donation please just click on the link below:

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