March 13, 2007

A Gift from Another Quarterback

Two weeks ago Barbara and I went to the Tampa Florida area to do a series of four presentations put together by Shawn and Colleen Woods, a special young couple with an energetic little son, Cameron. This young couple heard about Parenting with Dignity and began to think that they wanted to interact with parents in their community and at Cameron’s school to build a strong neighborhood in which to raise their son.

Now it just so happens that Shawn was at one time my quarterback on the Waterville, Washington, football team I coached. He called me one day and said, “Hey, coach, I want to invite you to come to Tampa to do some seminars to help us kick off Parenting with Dignity in our neighborhood.”

A Flattering Compliment from a Wonderful Young Family

After a few emotional moments over this compliment from a former student, athlete, and now successful business executive, I agreed. As we planned and then refined our plans for the speaking events, including my giving him a few ideas for fund raising to defray the costs of the trip, I began to again feel like his old coach again. On the football field I would send in a play and Shawn would usually already have called that play or would have audibled with a better one!

Another Audible!

His comment to my fund raising ideas was that he and Colleen had decided they wanted to donate a substantial amount to our Parenting with Dignity Program. Now here is where he really floored me!! You see Shawn is an executive for a business most are familiar with, the Home Shopping Network. Shawn told me his company is a pretty cool place to work because it is a company that is always doing something to “give back to the community!”

A Community Minded Company
One thing that community-minded company, HSN, will do is match any charitable donation that one of their employees makes! By making his family’s donation to PwD, he was putting Home Shopping Network to work for us as well. Just like when I coached him, Shawn had a better idea!

EMPLOYEES Direct the Charitable Giving of a Huge Corporation
What a wonderful policy for a corporation to have. HSN has set up a procedure to encourage and then enhance all their employees’ charitable giving. On top of that they give their employees the power to direct the charitable giving of the corporation itself!

It is both humbling and inspiring to us to receive the support and the go-ahead TO DO MORE OF OUR WORK from the people mentioned over the past few days! Commitment from people like that renews our dedication to changing families, changing communities, changing our country by building a better world for kids. By having people like Shawn and Colleen Woods donating to Parenting with Dignity, we are obligated to do our best! To see ahuge corporation like HSN join in is even more motivating!

Now, if you would like to join us by donating to Parenting with Dignity, we promise we will do our best to make your dollars count in building a better world for kids! Parenting with Dignity is a 501 ( c ) 3 Public Non-Profit so any donation is TAX DEDUCTABLE! Tax time is just around the corner and we can provide you with a tax deductable receipt! We would appreciate having you consider donating any amount. Every bit helps us to do our significant work. To set up a donation please just click on the link below:

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