June 26, 2007

Starting a Parenting with Dignity Class

Create Positive Peer Pressure

In my last article (and in many previous articles) I suggested that parents start a Parenting with Dignity class as a means of working with their own children. Combating peer pressure is really a pretty simple concept when you stop and think about it. All it takes is to create a strong community to raise your children!

A Logical Step In Becoming the Most Effective Parent You Can Be

It is much simpler, easier, more logical, and much more successful for parents to teach something to their own children, if the other children in their world have been taught similar behaviors. Like I said, peer pressure is only a negative force if it is putting pressure on children to misbehave. Peer pressure can be one of the most powerful forces for encouraging children to behave in an approved manner if that peer pressure is pushing in a positive direction.

If a peer group has been collectively taught to use proper table manners, then the peer pressure in your community can be expected to push on your children to use proper table manners!

Likewise, if a peer group has been collectively taught to avoid the use of illegal drugs, then the peer pressure can be expected to drive your children to make a good decision regarding the use of illegal drugs!

How Can You Create “Positive Peer Pressure?”

Creating positive peer pressure can be done quite easily… all that it requires is that parents meet together and establish some of the easily taught decision-making processes that lead to those good decisions.

One of the most effective means of meeting with parents top discuss some of these guidelines for children is to start a Parenting with Dignity Class!
For a plan for starting a Parenting with Dignity class please just go to our website via this link: (http://parentingwithdignity.com/PWD/video_series/tape10f.htm ) We have recently updated this Facilitator's Guide to provide a very complete, step-by-step plan for setting up a PWD Class.
Please print a copy and use it to get a Parenting with Dignity Class started today! It might be the best thing that you can do to help safe guard your children's decision making processes.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a question about peer pressure my 7-year old first grader is facing. He is doing very good academically. He is always a loving and caring boy. But he is little talkative. And looks like he is following his peers or does what they asks him to do. He doesn't think himself about what is right and what is wrong. Today I got a complain from his teacher that two girls in his class complained about my son taking off his pant and showing his underwear to them. It was so embarrassing for me that I was almost feeling like crying. I asked my son right there infront of his teacher about why he did that and he told me that two other boys were doing that and one of his friend asked him to copy two other boys and show his underwear to those girls. And he might not think himself and just did what his friend asked him to do under peer pressure. I am so worried about my son and want him to be confident and think before he do something as his peers ask him to do. I am feeling so helpless and worried as I don't know what should I do as I am not there to see how my son behaves or why he is following someone's wrong recommendations. Please advice as I really seek help about how to make him confident and not do things under peer pressure or just to make their friends happy.