June 29, 2007

Start a Parenting with Dignity Class in Your Community

Letters from Parents

Daily, I am receiving lots of letters from thousands of parents, from all across the country, seeking help with specific parenting problems and obviously, I will continue to offer specific advice via this column because it fills a need for so many parents and so many families. However, the point that I will be attempting to make here today is that in spite of receiving valuable help from these regular articles, the advice with the most lasting value that you can receive from Parenting with Dignity lies in allowing yourself to go through the entire course! Going through each lesson and doing all of the assignments will bring the most value to your family!

Get the Maximum Value from Parenting with Dignity

As a matter of fact, the maximum value that families can receive from Parenting with Dignity comes from not only going through the class themselves; some of the greatest value comes from forming a class and going through the curriculum with other parents in your neighborhood or community!

Benefit from the Experiences of Others!

When families go through the complete course together, they all benefit much more than they would by just going through the curriculum on their own.

Just like in this column, many others may benefit from a question from one parent. Most people tell us that they benefit as much from the discussions with other parents as they do from the curriculum itself! But even more than benefiting from the questions of others, there is an even greater benefit that families receive from going through the curriculum together!

A Very Simple Concept

This is not a difficult concept to understand. I know that this might be a repetition for some who have read many of my other columns but hopefully a little repetition might also help. Regardless of whether you have heard me say this before or not, please understand this: It is so much easier to teach your own children something if every other home that they visit is teaching the same thing!

It is so much easier to teach something as simple as saying "please" and "thank-you" at your own dinner table, if every home your child visits is teaching the same thing! It is so much easier to teach your children the advantages of drug-free living if your children are in constant contact with other children who have been taught a similar approach to that way of life. Like I said in a recent article, peer pressure is only negative if it pushes in a negative direction! Positive peer pressure can be your biggest ally!

Build Positive Peer Pressure

It is simply much more natural to expect your children to behave in a desired manner if their friends are doing so too! It is just so much more reasonable to expect your child to behave in an appropriate manner while on a date to the Prom if he/she is dating a young person who has been taught similar dating behavior! If they are on a double date with others who have also been taught similar dating behavior the peer pressure is pushing them all toward doing the right thing!

Create a Positive Community for Raising Your Children

Put very simply, Parenting with Dignity will help you to build the community to raise your children! Please join the many other families who have started a Parenting with Dignity Course ( http://parentingwithdignity.com/PWD/video_series/tape10f.htm )in their neighborhood. Order a copy of our DVD Curriculum and start a class today!

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