May 31, 2008

Exciting News from Parenting with Dignity

Exciting New PwD Announcement: MP3's Now Available

Now YOU can listen to Parenting with Dignity lessons and parenting tips on your iPod or other MP3 player!

Or you can just listen while you are sitting at your computer!

Order Your MP3's Now!

To get these great new “downloads” just go to the iTunes store type Mac Bledsoe into the search window.

Or… just go to

You can then download lots of short pieces of topical information to listen to while driving to or from work, or while jogging, walking, riding your bike, or working out! Start today! Once you have downloaded these great learning tips you may burn them onto CD’s and share them with friends.
Please tell others about this great new offering.


Aymen said...

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Shannon said...

is this blog ever going to be updated or is it done?

Mac said...

Yes, this Blog is updated from time to time. I no longer post to it every day but I do post information to it from time to time. If you will subscribe to it you will be notified any time that a post is published.
Mac Bledsoe