September 07, 2007

LISTEN to Parenting with Dignity Tips

Parenting with Dignity Information

You can listen to Parenting with Dignity tips and concepts for free on the Internet radio station called Big Fish Radio. Com! ( )There are lots of topics that I cover in these short ten to fifteen minute sessions so check them out.

New Segments Are Available Today!
Back to School Tips

In four new segments I outline some great ideas for starting back to school on an great note.

Take Control of Your Television!

Check out the segment on taking control of the television in your home to facilitate a great atmosphere for study.

Help Kids Manage Their Time Effectively

Then listen to a segment on helping kids to get organized and manage time! You can start today with the process of teaching your children to manage hectic schedules.

Get Better Grades with No More Time Spent on Homework!

Next, you can listen to a sure fire method for raising your children’s grades without them ever having to do one more minute f homework! This session ought to be listened to by your children. Schedule about 15 minutes in the next few nights to listen to that segment as a family. Every young person that has tried this fool proof system has significantly raised their grades!

Get them Involved in Activities!

Finally, learn how to insure that your children maximize their school experience with lessons about living successful lives.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I did not know there was such a thing as internet radio, Mr. Bledsoe. I have enjoyed listening to you while I was working on my computer today and I will continue to. You actually helped me today--I took 5 minutes each hour and shifted into high. I cannot believe how much I got done that would have been on my "to do" list tonight. I am feeling so energized by this. I hope I can convey my enthusiasm for your 5 minute idea to my kids. Thank you.