January 25, 2007

Kidnapped Part 4 (A Necessary Concluding Chapter)

A Final Wake Up Call

Well, let me tell you that I did not intend to write a Part 4 to this series on Kidnapping… but something happened just yesterday, right here in our beautiful and peaceful little community of Kalispell, Montana, that made me know that I needed to do this concluding article.

Here in our beautiful and peaceful community and just about three miles from our home, a young boy, age three, has disappeared!

Amber Alert

According to our local newspaper, the Daily Interlake, “an Amber Alert was issued Thursday morning for a boy who disappeared from a relative’s house in Evergreen (a small subdivision of Kalispell) on Wednesday night. The alert signals that 3-year-old Loic J.M. Rogers is believed to have been abducted.”

If abduction can happen here it can happen anywhere! Like I said in my first Blog on Kidnapping, this family did one of the best things that they could do to protect their son… they live in America in a quiet and normally safe neighborhood. But that was not enough.

According to the article, Undersheriff Pete Wingert said, “The father, son Loic, and a younger sibling had just eaten dinner at a relative’s house on Maple Drive. The father took Loic out to the car and went back inside the house to get the other child. When he came back out, the boy was gone!” Wingert said.

The boy was wearing a red, white and blue coat; blue jeans; a multi-colored beanie hat; a long-sleeved T-shirt and tan leather boots. He is 3 feet tall and has blonde hair and blue eyes.Anyone with information is urged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 758-5610.

All that it took was that innocent brief moment and the boy was gone.

Start Today!

Practice all of the protections that were discussed in the previous three articles on this Blog with your children tonight! Right away!

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