December 01, 2006

The Perfect Family Christmas Gift

A Gift for Your Family That Will Last Forever

If you knew that there was a very special Christmas present you could give to your family - that would keep on giving to every member of your family - every day - all year long - would that be of interest to you?

What if this special Christmas present was capable of bestowing additional benefits to every member of your family - every day - for a lifetime, would that be appealing to you?

And if this special Christmas present could help prevent family squabbles and lessen family crises, would this be a gift worthy of consideration?

You must be asking yourself… could such an extraordinary family Christmas present really exist?

What if you also discovered that this very special Christmas present could be yours for less than it costs to take most families out for dinner and a movie?

Well my friends… I am delighted to tell you that not only is such a remarkable gift available - but it can also open doors to communication that most families would not believe possible. This special family Christmas gift will be revealed when you unwrap a boxed set of 3 DVDs entitled, “Parenting With Dignity”.

There is no greater present to give your family than a proven method of resolving those challenges that are faced by every family in America.

Christmas is magic for many of us, but there is no magic in fine-tuning our parenting skills or creating a home where there is harmony, respect, and dignity. These things must be learned, they must be cultivated appropriately. But wait; there is even more to this perfect family Christmas present…

Imagine seeing your youngsters go to bed willingly and cheerfully each night and your toddlers become potty trained naturally and easily.

Discover how to motivate your children to eat healthily rather than becoming “picky” eaters.

Learn how to encourage your children to dress in a manner that is not offensive to you while allowing them to be accepted by their peers.

Build Foolproof Protection Against Drugs

Protect your children from the drugs that are ruining the lives of so many children, and safeguard them from making choices that could land them in juvenile court or worse!

Learn how to avoid the bickering and arguing that is so common in so many American homes.

Develop a filter in your children’s mind that will help protect them from all of the junk that is on the Internet.

Feel relaxed and confident when your children begin dating because you know they will behave appropriately and respectfully.

A Perfect Family Gift

Fortunately, there is a perfect family Christmas gift and it can help your family solve problems, get closer to each other and teach everyone how to make better choices and create a more loving family environment. There is a reason why Patenting With Dignity has become the preferred teaching choice of professional family counselors, schools, churches and many thousands of families around the world… it works.

This extraordinary family Christmas present is now even more incredible… If you order right away you will not only receive the 3 DVDs packed full of 10 hours of proven parenting advice, but you can choose one of the award-winning Parenting with Dignity books at no additional cost - AND – we will ship your order by Priority Mail – FREE!

Get it in time for Christmas – Get it just it in time!

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